Upcoming Online Workshop: The Future of Energy Flexibility – May 8th, 2024

Date: Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 
Time: 16:00 – 17:30 CET 

We are thrilled to announce a not-to-be-missed online workshop that delves into the heart of energy flexibility and its pivotal role in the sustainable evolution of our energy systems. 

Event Overview: 
This virtual gathering is a unique opportunity to engage with leading European projects driving the forefront of energy innovation. We will host a lineup of esteemed speakers from VPP4ISLANDS, THUMBS-UP, MASTERPIECE, and FLEXCHESS. They will share their insights on a variety of topics including Virtual Power Plants, smart energy storage solutions, and the overarching strategies required for a resilient renewable energy integration. 

Why Attend? 

  • Gain firsthand knowledge about the pioneering work being funded by the EU. 
  • Understand the significance of energy flexibility in today’s and tomorrow’s energy landscape. 
  • Participate in discussions about the challenges and solutions related to grid stability and renewable integration. 

Featured Projects: 

  • VPP4ISLANDS: Crafting greener island communities through Virtual Power Plants. 
  • THUMBS-UP: Optimizing building energy management and grid balancing with thermal storage solutions. 
  • MASTERPIECE: Engaging communities in innovative energy systems for a collaborative future. 
  • FLEXCHESS: Pioneering connected and interoperable hybrid energy storage systems to enhance grid flexibility. 

Mark your calendars for this enlightening session that promises to broaden your understanding of the energy sector’s most innovative trends. 

Quick Access to the Projects: 

We encourage all those interested in the advancements of sustainable energy to join us. Together, let’s explore the technologies and ideas that are shaping a flexible and sustainable energy future.